Would you like to transform your system in a perfect model of energy efficiency? Omnia Energia knows how to do it.

Solar2You (S2Y) is a user-friendly, effective and complete monitoring system allowing, through a dedicated website, to monitor the performance and operating status of one or more photovoltaic plants. Thanks to the professional and reliable EdaLog Datalogger, the system detects in real time all the measures, the status indicators and alarms coming from the inverter and/or other devices, it records them and, through an internet connection, it sends them in secure mode to Solar2You Server Farm.

The cloud platform interface provides advanced and extremely professional features that enables the customer to analyze, compare and simulate their consumption. Moreover, you can see and check your system in real time by a specific dedicated website (

Why Solar2You?

  • Exhaustive and real time monitoring from one or more photovoltaic plants by means of a dedicated web interface
  • Detailed analysis of historical data by appropriate reporting
  • Evolved analysis of the performance thanks to Area Values
  • Professional and reliable datalogger
  • Multi-brand compatibility
  • Also suitable for monitoring energy consumption, environmental parameters. Suitable for integration with industrial control systems and automation
  • Highly qualified technical support
  • Quick and easy to install

Ideal solution for:

  • Owners of Photovoltaic Plants
  • Installers and Maintainers of Photovoltaic Plants
  • Energy Manager
  • Experts in Energy Management (EGE)
  • Energy Service Company