Products and Services

Over the years the Group has developed a wide range of products and services for energy saving, becoming a complete supplier able to meet every costumer’s need in a competent way.

Thanks to many years of experience with Energy intensive customers, technical and commercial resources are highly competent to solve every problem about energy.

Mainly, Omnia Energia sells electricity and natural gas to end users in the open market, systems to produce renewable energy, energy efficiency, Energy Efficient Buildings and Hardware and Software for the Energy Market.

About the last point, Omnia Energia Group offers to business operators a wide range of high-tech and innovative solutions.

In fact, the business units of the ITC area are:

  • Monitoring e automation
  • Services for Energy and IT
  • R&D
  • Software for utilities

Ultimately, Omnia Energia provides end-to-end Energy Management solutions for C&I sector companies and Smart Meter solutions for residential and small businesses. It offers customized solutions using our energy meters, smart gateways and the intelligent Omnia Cloud Platform to measure, monitor, analyze, control and automate the energy performance in real time.


Would you like to transform your system in a perfect model of energy efficiency? Omnia Energia knows how to do it.

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Do you really want to maximize your energy system? With Omnia Energia you can!

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Omnia Meter

The most smart home energy management system.

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