Do you really want to maximize your energy system? With Omnia Energia you can!

Ener2You is the new monitoring system, that supports the implementation of energy audits. The service is aimed at Energy Managers, Experts in energy management EGE and Energy Service Companies.

E2Y system consists of an hardware made by a professional and reliable datalogger, able to detect all measures concerning energy flows and environmental conditions.

By a dedicated website (www.ener2you.it) the costumer can consult all the information, reports (real time and historical data) and alerts relating to the monitored plants.

The system can also be installed locally, within the intranet of large systems, to manage independently all information.

Why Ener2You?

Ener2You (E2Y) is an innovative hardware and software system to:

  • monitor exhaustively the energy flows of an industrial plant: electricity, heat energy, water, gas, environmental conditions;
    allow the drawing of accurate energy audits, through advanced and customizable reporting, according with the European Directive 2012/27/EU and respective national laws of each member state;
  • adopt an effective Decision Support System (DSS) to find solutions to improve energy efficiency and to evaluate the effects deriving from this kind of interventions;
  • Energy audit report repared in accordance with the criterion of the guideline ENEA, exportable online, automatically filled but edited for subsequent changes
  • Advanced performance Analysis according with Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI)
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Customizable according to specific needs
  • Highly skilled technical assistance

Ideal solution for:

  • Plants Maintainers
  • Energy Manager
  • Experts in Energy Management (EGE)
  • Energy Service Company (E.S.CO)
  • End user