Research and development

The Group believes that R&D in energy field is strategic because innovations can lead to a great reduction in energy consumption and energy costs.

Omnia Energia Group’s R&D is:

  • internal research, carried out by internal researchers in the special laboratory of the Group;
  • research projects, carried out in partnership with Ministries, national research Agencies, national and International Universities and private companies in Italy and abroad.
  • Research projects within the Group permitted to create many and various innovative and successful products: Solar2You, monitoring system for photovoltaic plants, Ener2You, a system to analyse industrial consumptions, Omnia Meter a biphase network analyzer for the smart management of energy flows at home.

Finally, the Group made a monitoring and management system for server room, able to detect in real time the status of the server and of the environment around them, to report any anomalies, to perform automatic and manual drives and integrated with energy efficiency solutions.

Omnia Energia Group also participated in several international meetings promoted by ICE (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade), such as:

  • 2012 in Turkey (partnership for the development of the market for renewable energy),
  • 2012 in Albania (promoting Italian economic excellence – energy sector),
  • 2013 in Czech Republic (development partnership in Green Tech),
  • 2015 Export Lab project, a program of activity aiming to promote the internationalization of SMEs and the image of Italian products in the world
  • In 2015 foreign missions in Burundi, Canada, Kenya and Poland.