Business partnership opportunities

Omnia Energia Group

Who we are looking for?

  • Import companies, distributors, contractors, traders, professionals in the energy field.
  • Specific expertise in the energy field, with special reference for monitoring and control systems to management of energy flows (photovoltaic and/or traditional sources).
  • Partners with an existing customer base and/or the ability to promote the products of Omnia Energia Group.
  • Proposed cooperation agreements: distribution agreement, joint venture agreement, licensing agreement, commercial representative, sub-contract agreement, venture capital financing.
  • Omnia Energia has been performing strategic research and development (R&D) in the energy due to the strong believe that innovation is directly related to energy savings and consumption reduction.
  • Omnia Energia is looking to establish partnerships with SME and Universities to plan and to develop R&D project trhough H2020 programme.
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