Omnia Genius

The most smart home energy management system.

Omnia Genius is a device able to measure the standard parameters of domestic energy flows with the aim to managing intelligently the electrical loads. It allows users to measure, store, analyze and act in real-time and remotely on consumptions of electricity, consumptions of natural gas (methane) and consumptions of domestic water. Omnia Genius is designed to reach different types of user as customers end users and energy traders for example.
The particular technical performances of the device could be an essential tool for future smart home.
Why Omnia Genius?Omnia Genius is very quick and easy to use:

  • The possibility to analyze historical consumption data, by saving data on energy consumption daily, monthly and yearly;
  • Visualization of collected data;
  • Different types of physical access to device either wireless or wired for remotely or local access;
  • The possibility to drive electrical loads with on-line and/or remotely access;
  • Continuity of operation guaranteed by a backup battery pack system even in case of blackout and with a notification service via SMS;
  • Automatic Meter Reading;
  • You can measure your domestic consumptions (electricity, gas and water) in an all-in-one system