Omnia Energia Group

Omnia Energia Group works for more than 14 years in the field of energy throughout the country. Omnia Energia has expanded over the years, by opening new branches in Basilicata, Lazio, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Lombardia. The company is headquartered in Calabria, in the industrial area of Zumpano close to Cosenza.The new head office building has been entirely designed and built by the Group companies and is highly energy efficient: A+ class, that is 4.00 kWh/sqm per year of energy performance achievable. Furthermore, the building dissipates 70% less energy than a similar building complying with current regulations. Energy saving means not only cost reduction, but also 10 tons of CO2 avoided.

For these reasons, the head office of Omnia Energia, in 2013, won an important European award like The most Sustainable Urban Building, between the best examples of green buildings in Europe.Omnia Energia Group was created to provide its customers with solutions for the reduction of energy cost. Group companies have turned from the beginning to large energy intensive customers and Public Administrations (Universities, Municipalities, Provinces, Hospitals); since 2012 the group entered in the market of micro business, small and medium manufacturing enterprises, trade and services; finally, in 2013 the Group has started to offer families (domestic consumers) electricity and gas proposals under very advantageous conditions.

Omnia Energia Group employs about 100 employees, including direct and indirect staff. Human resources are the real strength of the company. Young and highly specialized people works in the Group, having education and work experience closely linked to the world of energy.